fried ice cream 5

fried ice cream

Fried ice cream definitely falls into the category of “sometimes food”, but that “sometimes” is definitely delicious in this case. Rachel had been wanting to try this for years (apparently), so when her birthday rolled around a few weeks ago we decided to give it a shot. It’s pretty simple, and it does actually work despite the feeling that it should absolutely not work, so I think you should try it if you feel up to the challenge.

I won’t  write it as a recipe, but a few key tips:

freezing a lot: in between each step of the process (shaping the balls and each coating of crushed cereal) freeze the ice cream balls for at least an hour or two. Ice cream, surprisingly, is in a constant state of readiness to totally let you down by melting all over the place, and getting it back in the freezer before moving on to the next step keeps it a little better in line.

super crushed cereal: we used something along the line of honey bunches for our cereal, and it worked great. In hindsight though, I would have crunched it up just a little bit finer so the flakes would have more of a chance to crisp up in the few seconds they spent in the oil.

hot oil: just like any frying, the temperature makes a difference. Keep your oil between 350 and 375 degrees if possible, and use a lot of it in a good cast iron dutch oven if you have it. Even though hotter oil seems counterintuitive when dealing with something like ice cream, it means the coating will fry quicker and more efficiently and not have to spend as much time in the tank. Don’t go much higher than 375 though, because it’ll start breaking your oil down and that’s gross.

Okay! Try it out. We enjoyed eating it with a little of our simple fruit syrup that we make so often.


fried ice cream

fried ice cream

fried ice cream

fried ice cream

fried ice cream

fried ice cream

5 thoughts on “fried ice cream

  1. Reply Scott Rogers Aug 31, 2012 10:09 am

    Yum. I made fried ice cream as extra credit in a high school Spanish class. Quite the experience. The recipe I used had us use a crumbled sugar cookie and coconut crust, and I think we dipped it in egg whites between layers to give the crust a reason to stick.

    A time intensive, but delicious treat!!

  2. Reply Becky Aug 31, 2012 10:57 am

    So, did you form the balls, then freeze, then dip in egg batter and cereal? How many coatings of cereal did you do?

    • Reply Todd Sep 1, 2012 7:34 am

      Yup! Form, then freeze, then we ended up doing two coatings of cereal with a freeze after each. We could have gotten away with one coat, but we wanted it crispier and to make sure all the surface was covered.

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