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Hi folks! As many of you know, I like hearing from all you out there and learning what’s going on in your lives and kitchens. Now that Foodie’s Arsenal is out of its bloggy infancy and we have a pretty strong readership around here, I’ve started doing posts like this every once in awhile where I reach out to get some perspective from you all. So far I’ve gotten your help with some vegetarian meal ideas and compared notes about what kind of breads we’re all baking, and we’ve had some great responses.

Today’s question is about the blog itself: what would you like to see on the blog? Are there certain kinds of posts or recipes that you wish I would do more often, or some ideas you’ve seen on other blogs that you think could really fit in our community here? Is there anything you’d like to know about how Rachel and I run our kitchen/budget/community? I want to hear about it. Here are a few of my ideas of things that could be a lot of fun:

Advice – I could answer some user-submitted questions about cooking, or set up some kind of forum in a similar vein. OR, if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, I could set up a video/Skype/podcast thing where you all could ask questions and discuss them with me live. I’d have to do some research on that, but if I get a strong response from you guys that you’d like that kind of thing, I think it would be super worth it.

Tutorials – Most of the posts so far are recipes that assume a lot about your ability as a cook. But maybe you feel lucky you know which room in your house is the kitchen or you’re a pretty good cook that’s ready for some new challenges, and you wouldn’t mind some more in-depth instructions on how to chop vegetables, how to sear meat, how to come up with a menu, how to invent your own bread, etc. 

Out of the Kitchen – I tend to stick mostly to recipes at the moment, but the whole concept of an “arsenal” implies there are a lot of other skills and wisdom that can help us lead more useful foodie lifestyles. I actually spend a pretty good amount of time learning about nutrition, food politics, money management, home organization, gardening, preserving, and living in community, but I don’t talk about those things much on the blog. I also work for a pretty cool cafe/local food business that I’d be happy to share some news about every once in awhile. What do you like to hear about?

Those are just things that come to mind, though; I want to hear your ideas. Maybe it’s something simple – I recently coded a “print” button onto all the recipes because my Mom was annoyed she couldn’t print my rambly recipes very easily. It could be something as simple as a new category or menu item to help you find things on the site more easily.

Your turn! Share your thoughts with the rest of us about the future of Foodie’s Arsenal!

7 thoughts on “ask the readers #3 – what would you like to see on the blog?

  1. Reply Todd Aug 20, 2012 12:51 pm

    I could also do some more sarcastic posts, but I think that could get confusing pretty quickly.

  2. Reply Lena Aug 22, 2012 3:25 am

    Hey Todd,

    I actually like all of your sugestions! Do I have to choose? ;)

    I don’t consider myself an experienced in the kitchen at all. I have a lot of fun cooking and baking, and in some areas I have worked some things out (and some things just work out perfectly by themselves without me knowing why…), but I keep stumbling upon basic principles that I’ve never heard of before, so tutorials would be great!

    Also, sharing your foodie knowledge on things ‘outside the kitchen’ would be very much appreciated. Over the past months, I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure out how to best live a healthy and sustainable foodlife on a small budget and -sadly- without a garden of my own. I found there’s a LOT to learn about food politics and the likes…

    Keep up the great work! :)


  3. Reply Robin Aug 24, 2012 11:50 am

    Hi Todd. I am new to your blog -through Food in Jars-and have been thinking about your question. I am committed to shopping locally when possible and harvesting what is available. I have come full circle, when I was first married I canned and preserved to save money. Now, 38 years later, I have come back to it mainly to control the quality of our food.

    I find your blog very interesting, and am interested in the “out of the kitchen” ideas. Thank you.

    • Reply Todd Aug 24, 2012 1:09 pm

      Thanks Robin for the feedback!If you know anyone else who would have good thoughts like yours, pass the word please. I’ll be thinking of more ways to share life out of the kitchen in the meantime!

  4. Reply Ash Aug 30, 2012 7:34 am

    One recipe, in particular, would be amazing if you would add. If you had a nice bagel recipe, my gratitude would be overwhelming. There aren’t any decent bagels out where I’m living and I love bagels :(

    I just started reading a few hours ago but I find your blog enthralling! Keep up the good work and if you do make any changes to make it even better, I’ll be even more thrilled :)

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